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-Sam Ferris, Knight Features Literary Agency

Coming soon! New releases that will keep you turning pages!

Do you love to root for the characters in books - or yell at them for not seeing what's so painfully obvious?

Do you find yourself thinking about them when you're not reading, as if they're your best friends (or worst enemies)?

Do you cry right along with your favourite characters and wish the stories wouldn't end so you could know more about what happens to them

That's certainly what I'm like with a great book!

So that's why each novel or novella about a new family or characters will be followed with a series of two or more books! So when one book ends, you get to follow the characters lives and adventures in other books and be introduced to more characters for you to love (or love to hate!).

They're in the works now... Beta readers say they are thrilled and I just can't wait to get these ebooks published for you!
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