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I am a storyteller. Let me put your family history and favourite memories into your own paperback book!

During an interview, share the highlights of your family history and memories with me.
I will professionally re-tell them in your own personalized paperback book.

You will be given a link so family and friends can purchase their own copies from anywhere in the world!

Check out my QR77 radio interview on this service below!
Host Jock Wilson and I spoke about this project on February 20, 2015.

Family history is much more than a collection of names, and dates of births, marriages and deaths. None of that tells you anything particularly meaningful about the people with whom you share a family tree. None of that tells you what mattered to those people, what brought them the most joy, or what were their greatest accomplishments.

With people becoming increasingly disconnected from one another due to divorce, moving, and especially our society's penchant for device-related isolation, now more than ever it is important to do something to bring families together again and to keep them connected.
You are making history right now.
Preserve it now, before those memories are lost forever.

Someday, this will be 'the past' for your future generations. Now is the time to document the highlights of your family's favourite memories, historical and interesting stories, and perhaps some much-loved recipes.

Imagine being able to read about some of the most significant life experiences and memories of your living family as well as your ancestors. Imagine taking a moving and heartfelt journey back in time, and how it would bring smiles, laughter and tears whether recalling special times, or learning about them for the first time.

Everyone has a story. When we share our stories, we learn from each other. And when you share them with your family, you become more deeply rooted and connected to everyone else on your family tree.

And consider how wonderful it would be for future generations to have a written record of those family stories - their family history - allowing them to connect to you and many others they would otherwise never have had a chance to know.

  • Reunions
  • In Memory of a Loved One
  • Family Holidays
  • Graduations
  • Milestone Birthdays
  • Special Anniversaries
  • A Unique Wedding Gift for Bride and Groom - with both sides contributing memories and recipes - what a lovely way to begin combining their lives!
  • Or simply because you want to make sure those treasured histories are passed down for generations to come.

See sample excerpts below

(names have been changed)

Two Lives Become One

From the moment David first laid eyes on Francesca, he knew she had captured his heart forever. Admittedly, he was awkward on that blind date, so smitten by the dark-haired beauty that he could barely string a few words together without seeming a fool.

Kicking himself all the way home, he had no idea that the lovely young woman had found it to be an endearing quality about the tall, goofy law student. Or that he had captured her heart, too... (click here for more!)

Remembering Angelina - 25 May 2008, 25 Dec 2012

Rob and Jane thought they were as happy as they could ever be on the day of their wedding. But it was nothing compared to the day that their sweet “Angel” was gifted to them by God.

       Bursting forth with screams that they joked would rival any siren, Angelina made sure the world knew she had arrived. And for the Martin family and everyone close to them, life would never be the same again... (to read more, click here!)

Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage
Giancarlo Rossi met Anna Petrucelli one sweltering summer afternoon in Venice. Hard at work in his family's bakery, the 18-year-old young man almost missed the shy girl of 17, who bought a loaf of fresh bread from his father behind the counter.

But good fortune was his that day and he just happened to look up as she was turning to leave. Always an extrovert and absolutely a charmer, Giancarlo was quick to offer a wink and a smile as he called, "Buongiorno!"

Anna continued toward the door. "Buongiorno!" he called even louder.

Still, the young woman did not acknowledge him... (click here to find out the rather shocking way he was finally able to get her attention!)
For more information about having one of these unique books created, contact me.

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